Mashable Feature - Tips for Monetizing Your Blog

Our company was recently consulted for a Mashable article that focused on Tips for Monetizing Blogs.

Though we don’t work very hard to monetize the Studio JWAL blog [insert excuses here], many of our side projects focus on blog monetization through affiliate marketing. Here’s what our founder had to say on the topic of blog monetization:

If an individual is looking to monetize their blog, I would make a strong case for affiliate marketing as the best avenue for doing so.¬†Blogs with quality content attract loyal readers. Since readers benefit from the content offered, they grow to trust the authors of that content over time. Consequently, an author’s blog posts are a logical place to promote relevant products and services without compromising the integrity of the content.”
Joshua Waldron, Founder Studio JWAL

The Mashable article, which is also featured on the American Express OPEN Forum, is built on the premise that many bloggers are in need of tips for monetizing blogs.

We couldn’t agree more.

Good bloggers who offer quality solutions and thought-provoking content deserve some compensation for their time. One great example of an affiliate site is Every time I go to make a purchase online, I check RetailMeNot first. 9 times out of 10 I save a few dollars as a result of the site’s comprehensive coupon database. Many people don’t realize that RetailMeNot is an affiliate website. This is partially a result of their quality site design, and partially a result of the public’s overall lack of education on how websites are making money. The owners generate tons of extra income as a result of monetizing their blog.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the article offers an entry-level introduction into 1) affiliate program options 2) affiliate aggregator services (which we avoid) 3) the importance of creating quality content and 4) tips for integrating links appropriately.

Read the Article on Mashable

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