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Beautiful Ron Paul Constitution Poster

By July 14, 2011 One Comment

Ron Paul Poster SnapshotGraphic designer / entrepreneur Brandon Muth has designed a beautiful Ron Paul poster that every liberty-loving American should consider purchasing.

Using the text of the United States Constitution (you know, that document our politicians pledge to uphold) and some clever shading, the poster highlights Paul’s commitment to the principles our founders held so dearly.

The poster measures 11×17 and costs $15, plus $5 shipping. Each individual order will be hand signed and numbered by Brandon Muth.

You can purchase the poster here.


One Comment

  • Stephanie says:

    Many of his individual ponits make sense- yet the story he tells isn’t the truth because he’s left out the most salient piece of the puzzle. That is the fact that big government big business are not at odds with one another- they ARE one another. Both parties. Not metaphorically, LITERALLY. The Corporate coup is so fully accomplished that it’s almost irreversible. Libertarians like Paul miss (or intentionally ignore) this most important fact.Electoral politics? will resolve nothing

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